We would like to welcome you to the Monroe Central High School for the coming year. We are looking forward to assisting you in fulfilling your educational goals. Monroe Central High School has a history of fine academic and career technical performance. We expect you to meet the goals which have been set, to carry on the tradition, and to make this a better place. You can benefit from everything the school has to offer by being actively involved in the classes and the programs offered. If you encounter difficulties, seek out any of our trained professionals, and we will do the best to help you. We are here to make your years in school as successful, yet educationally challenging, as possible. We welcome the opportunity to help you proceed through your high school career.

This handbook is intended to give students and parents general information that is specific to Monroe Central. More detailed information is printed in the Switzerland of Ohio Local School District Handbook, which is distributed to all students on the first day of school.


Students will demonstrate courteous behavior in school assemblies. Students should give full attention to the performers and / or speakers on stage and show appreciation only through clapping hands.


Students are encouraged to participate in any of the many extra-curricular activities that are available through the high school. Athletic, academic, performance, honors, career-technical, and professional clubs and organizations are all extremely beneficial to the student who wishes to join.

Any student who participates in any athletic interschool contest must conform to the eligibility requirements of the Ohio High School Athletic Association.


THE SCHOOL DAY : The Warning Bell rings at 8:26 a.m. The first dismissal is at 3:15 p.m.

The Tardy Bell rings at 8:30 a.m. 12th, 11th, 10th, and 9th grade students are to be in their first period class.


Monroe Central has a closed lunch policy. All students must eat at the school. The school provides a lunch each day. All food and drinks are to be consumed in the cafeteria. Food and drinks are not permitted in the halls or outside.

Students are expected to keep the cafeteria neat and clean. Trays, silverware, and refuse are to be placed in the designated areas. Students who are eligible may request a free or reduced price lunch application.


94-100 A 76-79 C
92-93 A- 74-75 C-
89-91 B+ 71-73 D+
85-88 B 67-70 D
83-84 B- 65-66 D-
80-82 C+ 0-64 F


Students are expected to follow the Student Dress Code which is found in the Switzerland of Ohio Local School District Student Handbook.


School buildings, lockers, equipment, and the school grounds are used by you during your school life, and will be used by others for many years to come. A good student will not mark on the walls, desks, clutter the grounds or hallways, or use equipment carelessly. Respect the property of your fellow students and the school, as well as your own.


1. Parents are encouraged to visit the school. It is recommended that an appointment be made if you wish to speak to a specific staff member.

2. State law requires that any individual visiting the school must report to the office prior to going to any other part of the building. Visitors must sign in upon arrival, wear a provided Visitor's Pass, and sign out before leaving the building.

3. Student visitors or guests are not permitted in the student areas such as the hallways, cafeteria, or classrooms.


1. Students will not be called to answer the telephone except in urgent cases. Emergency messages will be delivered to the students.

2. Students will not be excused from class to use the telephone.

3. Use of cellular phones are not permitted in the building and may be confiscated.

4. Students should plan so that they will seldom need to use the telephone.


1. Drivers are to park in their number assigned spot.

2. Student passengers are not permitted to ride with student drivers at any time during the school day.

3. If someone is parked in the student's assigned spot, they are to park in a spot without a number.

4. The Principal reserves the right to search any student vehicle if necessary.

5. The Principal reserves the right to revoke permission to drive to school to any student.

BUS TRANSPORTATION- Students must ride the assigned bus. Guest riders are permitted only with a signed note from his/her parent and approval by the office personnel.

PARENT DROP-OFF AND PICK-UP- Parents are to drive around the back of MCHS and drop off at the end the sidewalk (just past the dumpsters). They are then to proceed up to the elementary, go thru the parking lot at the side of the elementary (cafeteria side) and go out the way they came in behind MCHS.


1. Students must have a note from a parent or guardian.

2. Notes are to be submitted to the office first thing in the morning.

3. Early dismissals must be approved by the Principal.

4. Students must sign out in the office before the dismissal.

*We recommend scheduling medical and dental appointments late in the day if possible.


In each area, a sign is placed explaining exit procedures. Instructors will review the fire regulations with each class. Students will follow the regulations as established.

1. All persons must leave the building.

2. Everyone should walk single file- NO ONE SHOULD RUN.

3. Faculty and staff members should close all doors, leaving them UNLOCKED and leaving the lights ON.

4. Exit through the assigned doorways.

5. Do not stop to your locker.

6. All students are to proceed immediately to the designated area and wait quietly for the signal to return to class.

7. Return directly to your assigned room. Do not stop at the rest room, lockers, or any other room until you report to your assigned room.


In each classroom and laboratory area, a sign is posted which explains the Tornado procedure. In the event of a drill or an actual event, a warning is given with a blast of an air horn. This is the signal to proceed to the designated area and assume the protective position for cover.


1. When a student becomes ill during the school day, upon notification of the teacher, the student should report to the office or Nurse's station.

2. The office personnel or school Nurse will contact the home.


1. A written note is required before a student can take any type of nonprescription medication.

2. ALL medications must be brought to the office in the original pharmacy container containing a single day's dosage. In cases where long-term medication needs exist, special arrangements should be made through the Principal and the School Nurse.


1. The warning bell rings at 8:26. Students must be in first period class by 8:30.

2. Students arriving after the tardy bell are to report to the office for a pass.

3. When parents deliver a student who is tardy, the parent should sign-in the student in the office.

4. Excessive tardiness may result in detention, suspension, and/or revocation of driving privileges.