Travel Club is a new addition to the MCHS High School. This club consists of freshmen, sophomores, juniors, and seniors. The club advisor is Mrs. Parden, Mrs. McConnell, and Mrs. Meade. In this club, students will get the opportunity to travel with their classmates to new places. This summer, the Travel Club traveled to New York City, NY and are planning a trip to Nashville, TN in the spring. The Travel Club has done a few fundraisers this year including selling pop sockets and a quarter auction.
The Current Members of Travel Club as Pictuered:
First Row Second Row Caydon C.
Taylor N. Avery M. Amy B.
Gracie D. Katelyn H. Olivia G.
Kirby S. Logan K. Mattie V.
Sydney Y. Elaina S. Alana H.
Rymie B. Ashley L.  
Jenna T. Callie D.  
Juliauna W. Madison H.  
Kirsten F. Elizabeth T.  
Matison G. Alayna C.  
Lakelyn M. Brandy P.  
Jocelyn L. Veronica D.  
Madison L.