This is the Class of 2018. The Senior Fam's time to become leaders of school has finally arrived! As a class, they have made many unforgettable memories over the years and will continue to make many more this year.

Class Officers


Olivia G. & Grant C.

Co-Vice Presidents:

Ryan L. & Marissa R.


Mattie V. & Courtney N.


Kendall L. & Dakota W.

Student Council

Robert B. & Breanna A.


Monroe Central Senior Favorites:

Most Athletic - Ryan LaFollette and McKinzey Dierkes

Life of the Party - Clay Harriman and Jess Secrest

Biggest Rebel - Andrew Kerns and Lexie Cochran

Most Changed - Ryan Stoehr and Kylie Rohal

Best Dressed - Jeremy Milhoan and Kendall Lydick

Most Likely to Marry for Money - Robert Bigler and Mattie Vinskovich

Most Spirited - Cooper Rush and Shyla Schneider

Most Likely to Succeed - Cole McLaughlin and Breanna Antill

Worst Driver - Hunter Cline and Gracy Dimmerling

Biggest Heart - Mitchell Essig and Joni Betts


MCHS Swiss Hills Senior Favorites:

Most Athletic - Logan Pletcher and Rose Lucio

Life of the Party - Alex Webb and Renee Richter

Biggest Rebel - Sam Christman and Lakesha Lincoln

Most Changed - Parker Seymour and Alexus Parden

Best Dressed - Steven Ramsay and Rylee Steed

Most Likely to Marry for Money - Jacob Hooper and Hannah Howell

Most Spirited - Grant Copley and Brittany Moore

Most Likely to Succeed - Houston Traver and Marissa Ruble

Worst Driver - Kevin Highman and Aleisha Yontz

Biggest Heart - Cody Ritnour and Courtney Neill