Science Olympiad is a club where students learn and compete in contests that revolve around the various sciences.

The advisors are Ms. Parr, Miss Baker, and Mr. Shirley.

Members of Science Olympiad
James T. Ian R.
Dakota S. Taylor N.
Matthew L. Breanna P.
Cole E. Taylor C.
Dylan E. Callie D.
Brad S. Elaina S.
Shelby B. Rymie B.
Shawn J. Jocelyn L.
Avery M. Sydney Y.
Ashley L. Madison H.
Alana H. Lemuel D.
Kirsten F. Katelyn H.
Mattie V. Cheyenne W.
Shyla S. Elizabeth P.
Kylie R. Peyton M.
Bre A. Alexis L.
Kendall L. Logan K.
Cooper S. Aaron S.
Jason R. Jason R.
Brock S.


Competitions Awards
December Competition

Cole E., Dylan E., Ian R. - 10th Mousetrap

Avery M., Taylor N. - 28th Write It, Do It

Cole E., Ian R. - 24th Game On


Feb. 2-3: Solon Invitational


19th place 
Feb. 16-17: New Albany Invitational

Ian R., Cole E., Dylan E. - 9th Mousetrap

Mar. 10: Marietta Regional

6th Place Forensics (Avery Majors, Taylor Nelson)
6th Place Herpetology (Matthew Lucio, Paul Alleman)
6th Place Remote Sensing (Cole Essig, Paul Alleman)
6th Place Write it, Do it (Avery Majors, Taylor Nelson)
5th Place Rocks & Minerals (Haley Bach, Taylor Nelson)
5th Place Fermi Questions (Paul Alleman, Peyton Majors)
5th Place Chem Lab (Peyton Majors, Dylan Elliott)
5th Place Anatomy & Physiology (Haley Bach, Cheyenne Wilson)
4th Place Dynamic Planet (Cheyenne Wilson, Jason Reich)
4th Place Experimental Design (Ian Rouse, Haley Bach, Peyton Majors)
4th Place Thermodynamics (Ian Rouse, Avery Majors)
3rd Place Towers (Jason Reich, Paul Alleman)
1st Place Disease Detectives (Aaron Stephens, Cheyenne Wilson)
1st Place Game On (Cole Essig, Dylan Elliott)
1st Place Helicopters (Ian Rouse, Dylan Elliott)
1st Place Mousetrap (Cole Essig, Peyton Majors)