Science Olympiad is a club where students learn and compete in contests that revolve around the various sciences.

The advisors are Ms. Parr, Miss Baker, and Mr. Shirley.

Members of Science Olympiad
Shawn J.
Matthew L.
Amy B.
Sam O.
Izac N.
Shaylei G.
Caydon C.
Breannon H.


Competitions Awards
December 7th, 2019 None
March 7th, 2020

Matt L. & Bre H. - Boomilever, 1st Place

Caydon C. & Amy B. - WIDI, 4th Place

Amy B. & Bre H. - Anatomy, 5th Place

Caydon C. & Izac N. - Codebusters, 5th Place

Amy B. & Izac N. - Orinthology, 5th Place

Shawn J. & Izac N. - Water Quality, 6th Place