Quiz Bowl is an intense competition including trivia where students use their vast range of knowledge to compete against other local high school teams. Students who decide to join the team will travel to other schools to compete. The director of quiz bowl this year is Mr. Binegar. He will be choosing the memebers for Quiz Bowl throughout the year by student's acedmics performance.

Competition Dates:

March 22nd @River

We also will be hosting one as well-date will be announced once decided

Others will be announced as soon as the dates are released.

Current Members of Quiz Bowl
Kirsten F.
Brianna G.
Katelyn H.
Madison H.
Mattie V.
Cayden C.
Stephanie O.
Jake B.
Jesse W.
Alayna C.
Dylan E.
Mitchell E.
Cole E.
Ian R.
Paul A.
Kylie D.
Lindsey P.
Kylie R.
Aaron S.
Haley B.

Cheyenne W.

Hunter C.
Cole Mc.
Ryan L.
Robert B.
Austin S.