Mr. Joe Semple, Principal

The Interview

This year’s I.M. staff members, Kait and Madison, enjoyed interviewing our principal Mr. Semple. Even though he lives across the river in West Virginia, he’s calling MCHS his home-away-from-home. Here is a sample of what they discussed.

Q: What made you decide to be a principal?

After teaching for 28 years, I was ready for a new challenge. This will be my first year as principal. I am excited to take on this challenge!

Q: Why did you choose to become a principal at MCHS?

I heard a lot about this town and school from friends. Mr. Greenley emailed me and asked me to be a candidate. I thought it would be a good job for me. Everyone has been really nice and Woodsfield is a nice little town -- Monroe Central is similar to my last school where taught.

Q: How has your experience been at MCHS so far?

Very good so far.

Q: Do you plan on being a long-term principal here?

I plan on staying here and have no plans on moving on to a different school. I’m not using this as a stepping stone.  This is the place I want to stay. I was attracted to Monroe Central because we needed someone stable. I have found the staff to be strong, students are very nice and willing to talk and introduce themselves. It's like a big family.

Q: What inspired you to work with children?

You find when it's your calling. It’s a perfect fit for me -- I absolutely loved being in my classroom.

Q: How did your years of coaching girls track prepare you for Becoming the Principal at MCHS?

More similar to coaching than teaching because you're managing your team. Being a coach really prepared me for being an administrator, even more so than being a teacher.

Q: What is your favorite out of school  activity?

My main hobby is creating art -- I’m an artist. Graphic art, sculpture, photography, painting… And I restore antique cars for fun.

Q: Do you have family members who teach, too?

I have one son who teaches at Tyler. I’m happy he’s teaching because I think it’s his calling.

At the end of the interview Madison and Kait asked Mr. Semple if he could speak any different languages. He replied quite simply and sincerely, “I speak the language of Art: it’s the language that all nationalities can understand.”
Welcome, Mr. Semple -- Monroe Central is glad to have you here.