At the end of every nine week grading period, the students gather together to receive certificates for Honor Roll. Awards are given for Perfect Attendance, Principal's List, First Honors, or Second Honors. The assemblies are filled with 'regulars' and 'first-timers' in the cafeteria. At the assemblies there are snacks and drinks for the students; it is a nice way to get out of class. Congratulations to all!


First Nine Weeks
Principal's List First Honors Second Honors
Haley B. Emilia B. Zachary J.
Dylan E. Chase C. Taylor N.
Kirsten F. Callie D. Jason R.
Alana H. Grayce D. Jacob B.
Katelyn H. Cole E. Brittanie C.
Madison H. Madison G. Jadyn D.
Ashley L. Megan G. Hailie H.
Jimmy N. Jocelyn L.  
Aaron S. Kaitlyn M.  
Kayla W. Lakelyn M.  
Amy B. Kassidy O.  
Caydon C. Breanna P.  
Darrien G. Elizabeth P.  
Megan H. Layelynn R.  
Collin K. Josephine R.  
Nayton S. Myranda S.  
  Elaina S.  
  Jenna T.  
  Hannah V.  
  Sydney Y.  
  Matteo Z.  
  Mikayla C.  
  Alayna C.  
  Veronica D.  
  Colt D.  
  Shaylei G.  
  Breannon H.  
  Abigail K.  
  Madison L.  
  Landen R.  
  Alexandria S.  
  Paul Y.  
  Hunter B.  
  Lauren H.  
  Jessica H.  
  David H.  
  Isaac K.  
  Peyton M.  
  Stephanie O.  
  John P.  
  Payton R.  
  Alissa S.  
  Kylie W.  
  Tristan A.  
  Elizabeth A.  
  Kurtis A.  
  Wesley C.  
  Jayden C.  
  Kade D.  
  Jenna E.  
  Kayanna F.  
  Nickole G.  
  Regan H.  
  Haylyn H.  
  Alexa M.  
  Jonathan M.  
  Emily M.  
  Trista M.  
  Dayna P.  
  Marian R.  
  Malachi R.  
  Ayden R.  
  Jacob S.