Health Professions Affinity Community, or HPAC gives its members a chance to help out their community and promote the wellness of all its citizens. HPAC is a wonderful club that provides high school students with insights into the roles and career paths of various healthcare professions. The advisor is Mrs. Meade.

Dates for Events

Football Assembly - October 14th

Guest Speaker - October 28th

Family Movie Night - December 16th

Mother-Daugther Make-overs - TBA

Father-Son Fishing Trip - TBA

Father-Daughter Dance - March 24th

Mother-Son Dodgeball - March 17th


President: Juliauna W.

Vice President: Madison G.

Secretary and Treasurer: Jacklynn C.


Group Photo of HPAC


Members of HPAC

Mary B. Katelyn H.
Alyssia B. Madison H.
Jacklynn C. Alexis L
Caydon C. John. M
Morgan D. Rachel S.
Cole E. Juliauna W.
Elsa E. Latosha W.
Madison G Cheyenne Wi.
Erik H.