Business Professionals of America gives MCHS sophomores who apply and all Interactive Media members a chance to compete in business-related events at Regional, State, and National levels. BPA is a great learning experience, as well as being a fun environment that prepares members for numerous professional business fields. The advisors are Mrs. Casto and Mrs. Schuerman.

Dates for Events

State Leadership Conference will be held in Columbus, Ohio.

State Competition will be held March 7-9, 2018.

Nationals will be held May 9-13, 2018.

Regional Awards:

Kelsie Bable - First place Intermediate Word Processing and second place in Basic Office Systems and Procedures

Joni Betts - Second place Graphic Design Promotion

Jenna Burkhart - 9th Place Fundamental Word Processing and 13th Place in Fundamental Desktop Publishing

Madison Gates - 4th Place Extemporaneous Speech

Ashley Langsdorf - 1st Place Fundamental Spreadsheet Applications

Kendall Lydick - 2nd Place Digital Publishing

Kaitlyn Matz - 1st Place Administrative Support Research Project

Marlee Miller - 5th Place Fundamental Word Processing and 3rd Place Fundamental Desktop Publishing

Lakelyn Monahan - 6th Place Prepared Speech

Kylie Rohal - 2nd Place Interview Skills

Mattie Vinskovich - 3rd Place Digital Publishing

Kristen Wilson - 2nd Place Intermediate Word Processing and 9th Place Fundamental Desktop Publishing

Whitney Young - 9th Place Fundamental Word Processing and 2nd Place Prepared Speech

Kendall, Ashley, Mattie and Kylie - 3rd Place Video Production Team

Joni, Kait, Lakelyn and Madison - 1st Place Presentation Management Team

Congratulations to Kendall and Kelsie for placing in the Top 10 at the state competition!




President: Joni B.

Vice President: Kylie R.

Secretary: Kendall L.

Treasurer: Kristen W.

Parliamentarian: Mattie V.

Webmaster: Kelsie B.

The Current Members of BPA

Kelsie B. Whitney Y.
Jenna B.  
Joni B.  
Madison G.  
Ashley L. 
Kendall L. 
Kaitlyn M.  
Lakelyn M.  
Marlee M.  
Kylie R.  
Mattie V. 
Kristen W. 


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National Site: