Monroe Central High School has a ton of assemblies! There are assemblies for the First Day, Football Pep Rallies, Veterans Day, Americanism, OVAC, and Christmas. Throughout the year, we will be adding all of the various assemblies that make MCHS so wonderful!

First Day Assembly

The first day assembly took place on the first day, September 30th, go figure! The assembly helped acclimate students to the new school year and introduce the new principal and teachers.

Narcanon Narcanon was a presentation given to the students to inform them about growing risk of drugs.

Football Pep Rallies

During football season there are many pep rallies to excite the team, and get students involved with the football program.

The Challenge Program Students were rewarded with $200 by XTO Energy in many categories. These include Attendance, Academic Improvement, STEM, Community Service, and Academic Excellence.

Halloween Assembly

Every year, the MCHS Student Council hosts the Halloween Assembly. This year, the assembly took place on October 28th. The students participated in events such as a gross food eating contest, pumpkin golf, and musical chairs.

Veterans Day Assembly

The Veterans Day Assembly was on Thursday November 10th at 9:00 a.m. This assembly is to remember and honor the veterans in our local area.

Americanism Assembly

The date for the Americanism Assembly has yet to be decided.

OVAC Assembly

The OVAC Assembly took place on November 16th at 10 a.m.. It was presented by Rushia B. She was a professional basketball player who will be showing us how to be better student athletes, and help us to make better decisions.

Internet Saftey Assembly

There was an assembly over internet safety by Lieutenant G. This will inform students to be cautious with what they put on the internet. This was on November 22nd from 9-11 a.m.